Saturday, February 6, 2010

So Here's the Story

Ella is a climber and jumper - always has been. Earlier in the evening she had jumped off a chair. We told her to stop... that she was going to get hurt.... I'm going to totally avoid the comment that maybe she doesn't understand English... On with the story...not 15 minutes later she came to us crying! AND with her arm dangling and a bone poking out. It was awful! We felt so sorry for her.

We immediately called my friend Michelle to come over and keep the other 3 while we went to the ER. We checked in and bypassed all of the people in the waiting room. Everything happened so quickly. We got x-rays, and were told she had broken her elbow/arm. She would need surgery the next day and we would have to spend the night in the hospital.

I had just called Grandmama and Pops to come over and spend the night with the other girls. The next thing I knew the nurse came in and said the surgeon was waiting on Ella in the OR ready for surgery. From there it was a whirlwind of activity! We were signing releases, and talking to the anesthesiologists. They took her from us, not completely under yet and she was crying for us. We had worked so hard on bonding with her for the past month and hearing her crying like that just killed me.

Afterwards the doctor came out and said all went well. They had put 2 pins in and put a cast on her. So after she woke up they put her in a room about 1:30 am. We spent the night and talked to the surgeon the next day. We go see him in 3 weeks to take pins out and recast it.

So here we are with another major adjustment! It has been difficult! We have to take things slower now and we have a new rule (or just are stricter about it)! NO RUNNING OR JUMPING IN THE HOUSE! Ella is actually doing great. We have to keep her arm elevated or her fingers will begin swelling. Hopefully the next cast will be smaller so she can get around better.

Some photo notes...These were taken when she first came home. The one with the bowl over her head is hilarious - actually the family "puke bowl" from when she was so sick from the pain meds!


  1. Oh my! I can just imagine what you all went through. Our prayers go out to you.

    Angie and Dale Kennedy

  2. Bridgett,
    So sorry she broke her arm. I know this had to scare you. My son is a jumper too and this is a concern of ours that he is going to break something.
    Robin Starnes

  3. No more monkeys jumping on the sorry sweet Ella!

  4. Oh Bridget - I am so sorry :( I am just catching up on all that I missed while in China. Hope that EllaClaire is doing better and that you are ok through all this

  5. Hi Bridget- just wanted to post a comment= we just got our referral - she is 14mos and has cl/cp- would love to hear from you- we are friends of Stephanie's. Hope your little one is feeling better!!